Rolls of Honour

Our Club has many competitions throughout the year.
Various formats are used to enhance enjoyment and ensure that all members have a fair chance at lifting a trophy.
Here you can view the successful members since 2000.

Click on the appropriate year tab to view the list of winners.
  • Roll of Honour - Season 2000

    March MedalP. HunterD. Reid
    Millennium TrophyI RewhornR. Higgins
    April MedalR. HigginsF. Brown
    Abbotsford ChallengeK. KirkR. Higgins
    May MedalP. HunterG. Millar
    June MedalH. WilsonM. McKelvie
    July MedalP. HunterM. McKelvie
    Summer CupP. HunterI. Rewhorn
    August MedalR. HigginsM. McKelvie
    Andrew Hunter MemorialR. HendersonJ. Hunter
    September MedalM. McKelvieR. McClymont
    October MedalR. McClymontP. Hunter

    Other Prizes

    Club ChampionshipP. HunterR. Higgins
    Eclectic TrophyP. HunterR. Hunter
  • Roll of Honour - Season 2001

    5 Club ChallengeH. WilsonR. Jamieson
    2 Ball, Better BallP. Salem / G. MillarR. Higgins / M. Garrett
    March MedalM. GarrettR. Higgins
    Millennium TrophyD. ReidR. McClymont
    April MedalF. BrownG. Millar
    Abbotsford ChallengeB. McLeanM. Hunter
    May MedalG. MillarS. Munro
    June MedalM. HazlewoodG. Millar
    Summer StablefordG. MillarB. McLean
    July MedalJ. SykesR. Smith
    Summer CupP. SalemP. Hunter
    August MedalP. HunterR. Higgins , P. Steven
    Andrew Hunter MemorialG. MillarB. Cooney
    September MedalI. RewhornP. Steven
    Texas ScrambleR. McClymont / R. Jamieson / S. Munro / P. SalemK. Kirk / C. Watson / B. McGuire / P. Milne
    October MedalR. CunninghamI. Stewart

    Other Prizes

    Club ChampionshipG. Millar (352)P. Hunter (355)
    Scratch ChampionshipP. Hunter (378)R. Higgins (410)
    Matchplay - SinglesP. SalemG. Millar
    Eclectic TrophyM. GarrettH. Wilson
    Most Improved GolferP. Salem
  • Roll of Honour - Season 2002

    5 Club ChallengeP. SalemR. Jamieson
    February MedalI. StewartR. McClymont
    March MedalR. HigginsR. McClymont
    Millennium TrophyG. MillarM. McKelvie
    April MedalB. CooneyR. Lorimer
    Spring StablefordF. BrownM. Beesley
    Arran TrophyR. HigginsM. Beesley
    May MedalR. HigginsM. McKelvie
    June MedalM. McKelvieW. McCrorie
    Summer StablefordJ. LynchR. McClymont
    July MedalJ. LynchR. McClymont
    Summer CupP. HunterJ. Lynch
    August MedalP. SalemR. Lorimer
    Andrew Hunter MemorialM. HoustonC. Watson
    September MedalI. RewhornM. Garrett
    October MedalG. MillarM. Garrett
    Autumn StablefordB. CooneyW. McCrorie
    Champions CupG. MillarR. Higgins
    Consolation CupR. McClymontM. Beesley
    November MedalW. McCrorieM. Beesley

    Other Prizes

    Club ChampionshipG. Millar
    Scratch ChampionshipP. Hunter
    Matchplay - SinglesP. SalemG. Crawley
    Most Improved GolferJ. Lynch
  • Roll of Honour - Season 2003

    CompetitionWinnerRunner Up
    5 Club ChallengeR. Lorimer
    February MedalW. McCrorieR. Smith
    March MedalR. McClymontR. Higgins
    Texas ScrambleH. Wilson / G. shearer / G. Smith / P. StevensG. Macdonald / F. Brown / R. Lorimer / R.Higgins
    Millennium Trophy - OverallP. HunterG. Crawley
    April MedalW. CraigI. Rewhorn
    Spring StablefordR. HigginsF. Brown
    Abbotsford ChallengeF. BrownM. Dorby
    May MedalM. HazlewoodG. Macdonald
    June MedalB. CooneyP. Hunter
    Summer StablefordW. CraigD. Campbell
    July MedalD. CampbellM. McKelvie
    Summer Cup - OverallP. StevenR. Smith
    August MedalR. SmithW. Craig
    Andrew Hunter MemorialC. WatsonR. McClymont
    September MedalP. HunterM. McKelvie
    Autumn StablefordS. MunroS. Pole
    Texas ScrambleR. Higgins / P. Casanova / G. Macdonald / I. RewhornW. McCrorie / R. Smith / M. Beesley / L. Berglund
    October MedalR. McClymontL. Berglund
    Champions CupG. CrawleyM. Hazlewood
    Consolation CupR. HigginsM. McKelvie
    Secretary's BowlL. BerglundG. Macdonald
    November MedalS. MunroR. Higgins
    FoursomesR. Higgins / R. McClymontA. Pole / R. Smith
    Xmas StablefordG. MacdonaldR. Lorimer

    Other Prizes

    Winter League 2002/03M. BeesleyW. McCrorie
    Club ChampionshipP. HunterM. McKelvie
    Scratch ChampionshipP. HunterM. McKelvie
    Knockout - SinglesS. DochertyP. Crangle
    Eclectic TrophyG. MacdonaldS. Munro
    Most Improved GolferW. CraigP. Steven
  • Roll of Honour - Season 2004

    CompetitionWinnerRunner Up
    5 Club ChallengeR. McClymontM. Dorby
    February Sun / Wed MedalA. BrysonI. Stewart
    February MedalCancelled - Winter greens
    March Midweek MedalI. StewartA. McGuire
    March MedalL. BerglundM. McKelvie
    Spring Texas ScrambleG. Smith / I. Stewart / G. Macdonald / W. CraigP. Stevens / A. McGuire / I. Rewhorn / L. Berglund
    Spring StablefordR. LorimerG. Shearer
    Millennium Trophy - OverallW. CraigR. Higgins
    April Midweek MedalI. StewartP. Hunter
    April MedalS. PoleA. Pole
    Abbotsford ChallengeS. MunroH. Wilson
    May Midweek MedalA. PoleW. Craig
    May MedalG. MacdonaldH. Wilson
    June Midweek MedalR. LorimerP. Hunter
    June MedalR. HigginsW. Craig
    Summer StablefordR. HigginsS. Pole
    July Midweek MedalP. HunterB. Cooney
    July MedalR. LorimerP. Hunter
    Summer Cup - OverallL. BerglundG. Shearer
    August Midweek MedalH. WilsonP. Hunter
    August MedalH. WilsonM. Beesley
    Andrew Hunter MemorialG. MuirM. Beesley
    September Midweek MedalM. BeesleyS. Munro
    September MedalJ. BakerH. Wilson
    Secretary's BowlA. PoleB. Cooney
    Autumn StablefordR. HigginsG. Macdonald
    Autumn Texas ScrambleH. Christie / P. Millar / R. Lorimer / M. Hazlewood.P. Salem / I. Rewhorn / I. Stewart / S. Mathieson
    October Midweek MedalB. CooneyG. Smith
    October MedalS. MunroR. Higgins
    Champions CupR. LorimerAR. Higgins
    Consolation CupG. CrawleyC. Watson
    November Midweek MedalW. CraigI. Stewart
    November MedalS. MathiesonR. Higgins
    FoursomesG. Macdonald / M. BeesleyR. Higgins / D. Reid
    Xmas CompetitionG. MacdonaldJ. Baker

    Other Prizes

    Winter LeagueR. LorimerM. Dorby
    Club ChampionshipH. Wilson (355)P. Hunter (360)
    Scratch ChampionshipP. Hunter B. Cooney (406)
    Matchplay - SinglesW. CraigG. Crawley
    Eclectic TrophyI. StewartS. Munro
    Most Improved GolferS. Munro
  • Roll of Honour - Season 2005

    CompetitionWinnerRunner Up
    5 Club ChallengeS. MathiesonR. Smith
    February Sun / Wed MedalS. MathiesonR. Lorimer
    February MedalCancelled - due to weather conditions.
    March Sun / Wed MedalS. MathiesonM. Hazlewood
    March MedalM. McKelvieE. Armour
    Spring Texas ScrambleG. Smith / I. Stewart / W. Telford / G. ShearerJ. Baker / C. Thomson / J. Sommervile
    Spring StablefordP. SalemH. Wilson
    Millennium Trophy - OverallG. ShearerW. Craig
    April Sun / Wed MedalM. HazlewoodM. Beesley
    April MedalG. SmithG. Macdonald
    Abbotsford ChallengeP. HunterS. Mathieson
    May Sun / Wed MedalP. HunterI. Stewart
    May MedalG. SmithP. Hunter
    June Sun / Wed MedalI. StewartP. Hunter
    June MedalA. PoleP. Hunter
    Summer StablefordH. WilsonC. Watson
    July Sun / Wed MedalR. SmithW. Telford
    July MedalS. MathiesonP. Hunter
    Summer Cup - OverallS. MathiesonR. Lorimer
    August Sun / Wed MedalI. StewartJ. Hair
    August MedalR. SmithB. Cooney
    Andrew Hunter MemorialJ. SteeleI. Rewhorn
    Captain's TrophyA. PoleG. Macdonald
    September Sun / Wed MedalG. ShearerR. Lorimer
    September MedalM. HazlewoodR. Smith
    Secretary's BowlS. PoleS. Mathieson
    Autumn StablefordI. RewhornR. Lorimer
    Autumn Texas ScrambleM. Hazlewood / I. Rewhorn / S. Pole / E. ArmourR. Lorimer / H. Christie /G. Macdonald / I. Stewart
    October Sun / Wed MedalCancelled - Course Closed - Waterlogged
    October MedalS. MunroB. Cooney
    Champions CupS. PoleA. Pole
    Consolation CupG. MacdonaldW. Craig
    November Sun / Wed MedalJ. BakerI. Rewhorn
    November MedalG. SmithS. Munro
    FoursomesS. Pole / R. WalkerR. Lorimer / J. Baker
    Xmas CompetitionR. Lorimer / G. Macdonald / E. ArmourM. Hunter / C. Thomson / L. Ippolito

    Other Prizes

    Winter League - MidweekJ. BakerR. Lorimer
    Winter League - WeekendA. McGuireS. Mathieson
    Club ChampionshipS. Mathieson (348)P. Hunter (354)
    Scratch ChampionshipP. Hunter (369)B. Cooney (406)
    Matchplay - SinglesR. LorimerW. Craig
    4 Ball Better BallP. Salem / W. CraigA. Pole / S. Pole
    Eclectic TrophyE. ArmourP. Salem
    Most Improved GolferS. Mathieson
  • Roll of Honour - Season 2006

    CompetitionWinnerRunner Up
    5 Club ChallengeR. SmithJ. Rourke
    February Sun / Wed MedalG. MacdonaldG. Smith
    February MedalW. CraigM. Hazlewood
    March Sun / Wed MedalE. ArmourD. Wilson
    McClymont MedalC. HendrenB. Cooney
    Spring Texas ScrambleA. Pole / W. McCrorie / C. Hendren / M. DorbyM. Hazlewood / I. Stewart / J. Sommerville / J. Baker
    Spring StablefordE. ArmourR. Walker
    Millennium Trophy - OverallJ. RourkeR. Lorimer
    April Sun / Wed MedalD. WilsonG. Macdonald
    April MedalC. HendrenG. Macdonald
    Abbotsford ChallengeJ. RourkeB. Cooney
    May Sun / Wed MedalS. MathiesonG. Smith
    May MedalA. PoleI. Rewhorn
    June Sun / Wed MedalM. McArthurI. Stewart
    June MedalA. PoleM. Beesley
    Summer StablefordS. MathiesonM. Beesley
    July Sun / Wed MedalI. RewhornC. Davidson
    July MedalG. MacdonaldB. Cooney
    Summer Cup - OverallM. BeesleyP. Hunter
    August Sun / Wed MedalP. HunterD. Wilson
    August MedalC. DavidsonG. Smith
    Andrew Hunter MemorialM. McArthurM. Houston
    Captain's TrophyJ. RourkeB. Cooney
    September Sun / Wed MedalM. BeesleyA. Pole
    September MedalG. McCullochH. Wilson
    Secretary's BowlF. BrownM. McArthur
    Autumn StablefordR. WalkerM. McArthur
    Autumn Texas ScrambleB. Cooney / B. Armour / M. Dorby / E. ArmourA. Pole / D. Lorimer / J. Rourke / C. Davidson
    October Sun / Wed MedalM. McKelvieR. Higgins
    October MedalB. CooneyW. Craig
    Champions CupS. MathiesonC. Davidson
    Consolation CupA. CartwrightI. Stewart
    November Sun / Wed MedalM. McArthurB. Cooney
    November MedalCompetition null and void due to inclement weather
    FoursomesJ. Rourke / H. WilsonG. Smith / E. Armour
    Xmas CompetitionS. Mathieson / W. TelfordW. McCrorie / J. Baker / E. Armour

    Other Prizes

    Winter League - MidweekI. StewartG. Macdonald
    Winter League - WeekendJ. RourkeG. Smith
    Club ChampionshipG. MacdonaldM. Beesley
    Scratch ChampionshipP. Hunter (379)B. Cooney (397)
    Order of MeritM. BeesleyG. Macdonald
    Matchplay - SinglesB. CooneyB. Crombie Snr.
    4 Ball Better BallC. Hendren / D. LorimerW. Craig / A. McGuire
    Eclectic TrophyE. ArmourS. Mathieson
    Most Improved GolferB. Cooney
  • Roll of Honour - Season 2007

    CompetitionWinnerRunner Up
    5 Club ChallengeG. SmithI. Stewart
    February Sun / Wed MedalR. LorimerC. Thomson
    February MedalC. DavidsonJ. Baker
    March Sun / Wed MedalP. RawlinsonS. Mathieson
    McClymont MedalP. RawlinsonM. Dorby
    Spring Texas ScrambleS. Mathieson / C. Hendren / W. McCrorie / T. WattI. Stewart / M. Beesley / S. Paterson / J. Baker
    Spring StablefordP. RawlinsonD. Wilson
    Millennium Trophy - OverallD. WilsonP. Rawlinson
    April Sun / Wed MedalC. DavidsonW. Craig
    Abbotsford ChallengeM. McArthurR. Lorimer
    May Sun / Wed MedalD. WilsonW. McCrorie
    May MedalC. DavidsonB. Cooney
    June Sun / Wed MedalB. Crombie Jnr.D. Wilson
    June MedalG. SmithS. Munro
    Summer StablefordB. CooneyE. Armour
    July Sun / Wed MedalI. StewartS. Pole
    July MedalS. MunroM. McArthur
    Summer Cup - OverallB. Crombie Jnr.G. Macdonald
    August Sun / Wed MedalD. WilsonC. Thomson
    August MedalP. HunterC. Davidson
    Andrew Hunter MemorialG. MacdonaldB. Cooney
    Captain's TrophyR. LorimerP. Hunter
    September Sun / Wed MedalG. MacdonaldM. Beesley
    September MedalM. BeesleyC. Davidson
    Secretary's BowlC. ThomsonS. Hornell
    Autumn StablefordJ. RourkeC. Davidson
    Autumn Texas ScrambleJ. Rourke / J. Steele / J. Baker / B. StricklandE. Armour / D. Wilson / A. Pole / G. Macdonald
    October Sun / Wed MedalS. PatersonD. Wilson
    October MedalM. DorbyF. Brown
    Champions CupG. SmithC. Davidson
    Consolation CupJ. BakerM. Hunter
    November Sun / Wed MedalS. PatersonG. Macdonald
    November MedalB. Crombie Snr.M. Beesley
    FoursomesR. Davidson / M. BeesleyC. Davidson / J. Baker
    Xmas CompetitionR. Smith / J. BakerH. Wilson / M. McArthur

    Other Prizes

    Winter League - MidweekI. StewartG. Smith
    Winter League - WeekendM. DorbyG. Smith
    Club ChampionshipC. DavidsonM. Beesley
    Scratch ChampionshipP. HunterB. Crombie Jnr.
    Order of MeritC. DavidsonD. Wilson
    Matchplay - SinglesS. PoleB. Crombie Jnr.
    Summer PairsD. Wilson / S. DochertyH. Wilson / R. Walker
    Eclectic TrophyC. DavidsonD. Wilson
    Most Improved GolferD. Wilson
  • Roll of Honour - Season 2008

    CompetitionWinnerRunner Up
    5 Club ChallengeK. ColeD. Wilson
    February Sun / Wed MedalAbandoned due to inclement weather
    February MedalAbandoned due to inclement weather
    March Sun / Wed MedalH. WilsonA. Pole
    McClymont MedalA. PoleM. Beesley
    Spring StablefordS. MathiesonD. Wilson
    Millennium Trophy - OverallW. McCrorieT. Hendren
    April Sun / Wed MedalS. HornellG. Smith
    Abbotsford ChallengeC. DavidsonR. Walker
    May Sun / Wed MedalB. CooneyG. Smith
    May MedalR. LorimerB. Crombie Jnr.
    Summer Texas ScrambleC. Thomson / S. Paterson / G. Macdonald / E. ArmourH. Wilson / J. Steele / R. Davidson / M. Beesley
    June Sun / Wed MedalG. SmithD. Wilson
    June MedalB. Crombie Snr.M. Beesley
    Summer StablefordC. ThomsonC. Davidson
    July Sun / Wed MedalC. ThomsonP. Rawlinson
    July MedalS. HornellT. Crozier
    Summer Cup - OverallT. CrozierC. Davidson
    August Sun / Wed MedalN. DicksonT. Watt
    August MedalM. DorbyP. Hunter
    Andrew Hunter MemorialI. PirrieD. Wilson
    Captain's TrophyC. HendrenP. Rawlinson
    September Sun / Wed MedalP. HunterB. Crombie Jnr.
    September MedalT. CrozierJ. Baker
    Secretary's BowlS. PoleP. Rawlinson
    Autumn StablefordC. ThomsonD. Wilson
    Autumn Texas ScrambleCancelled due to inclement weather
    October Sun / Wed MedalCancelled due to inclement weather
    October MedalCancelled due to inclement weather
    Champions CupG. SmithB. Cooney
    Consolation CupD. WilsonM. Beesley
    November Sun / Wed MedalT. WattD. Wilson
    November MedalS. MunroM. Beesley
    Xmas CompetitionB. CooneyT. Crozier

    Other Prizes

    Winter League - MidweekG. SmithJ. Baker
    Winter League - WeekendD. WilsonS. Paterson
    Club ChampionshipT. CrozierB. Cooney
    Scratch ChampionshipP. HunterB. Cooney
    Order of MeritT. CrozierB. Cooney
    Matchplay - SinglesT. WattA. Pole
    Summer PairsB. Armour / E. ArmourD. Wilson / S. Mathieson
    Eclectic TrophyD. WilsonS. Hornell
    Most Improved GolferT. Crozier
  • Roll of Honour - Season 2009

    CompetitionWinnerRunner Up
    5 Club ChallengeM. McArthurT, Crozier
    St Andrews GreensomeP. Rawlinson / J. RourkeC. Robertson / J. Hunter
    Bogey CompetitionC. DavidsonJ. Baker
    Captain vs Vice CaptainVice-CaptainCaptain
    McClymont MedalM. DorbyG. Smith
    Spring StablefordS. PoleS. Mathieson
    Millennium Trophy - OverallI. PirrieS. Pole
    April Wed MedalS. DochertyP. Rawlinson
    April MedalS. MathiesonA. Pole
    Abbotsford ChallengeC. DavidsonI. Rewhorn
    May Wed MedalB. Crombie Snr.S. Docherty
    May MedalD. WilsonM. McArthur
    Summer Texas ScrambleJ. Rourke / J. Baker / G. Findlay / D. WilsonM. Beesley / H. Wilson / R. Hetherington
    June Wed MedalB. CooneyC. Robertson
    June MedalB. ArmourB. Crombie Snr.
    Summer StablefordN. DicksonH. Wilson
    July Wed MedalG. SmithJ. Hunter
    July MedalJ. BakerR. Walker
    Summer Cup - OverallM. BeesleyP. Hunter
    August Wed MedalD. WilsonP. Hunter
    August MedalC. RobertsonI. Rewhorn
    Andrew Hunter MemorialJ. HunterJ. Rourke
    Captain's TrophyR. AdamsJ. Rourke
    September Wed MedalC. RobertsonW. Telford
    September MedalM. BeesleyB. Armour
    Secretary's BowlP. HunterR. Hetherington
    Autumn StablefordD. WilsonC. Youd
    October Wed MedalT. CrozierA. Bryson
    October MedalP. RawlinsonM. McArthur
    Champions CupN. Dickson
    Consolation CupP. D. Miller
    November Wed MedalD. WilsonT. Crozier
    November MedalS. HornellC. T. Park
    FoursomesR. Davidson / D. WilsonP. Rawlinson / I. Stewart

    Other Prizes

    Winter League - MidweekG. SmithH. Wilson
    Winter League - WeekendR. WalkerA. Pole
    Club ChampionshipM. BeesleyC. Robertson
    Scratch ChampionshipC. RobertsonP. Hunter
    Order of MeritD. WilsonC. Robertson
    Knockout - SinglesD. WilsonS. Pole
    Knockout- PairsC. Davidson / R. DavidsonS. Docherty / J. Hair
    Eclectic TrophyJ. HunterJ. Baker
    Most Improved GolferD. Wilson
  • Roll of Honour - Season 2010

    5 Club ChallengeJ. RourkeM. McArthur
    St Andrews GreensomeS. Paterson & P. RawlinsonC. Adams & C. T. Park
    Bogey Competition

    Cancelled due to weather

    Captain Vs Vice CaptainVice Captain's TeamCaptain's Team
    McClymont MedalG. FindlayJ. Hunter
    Spring StablefordC. T. ParkI. Pirrie
    Millennium Trophy - Rnd 1J. HunterJ. Rourke
    Millennium Trophy - Rnd 2R. AdamsM. Beesley
    Millennium Trophy - OverallR. AdamsA. Pole
    April Wed MedalR. AdamsS. Docherty
    April MedalR. HetheringtonA. Pole
    Abbotsford ChallengeS. PoleG. Findlay
    May Wed MedalJ. HunterH. Wilson
    May MedalG. GrahamT. Crozier
    Summer Texas ScrambleG. Smith, M. McArthur
    F. Graham, S. Hornell
    M. Beesley, R. Davidson
    M. Cooper, C. Hendren
    June Wed MedalG. SmithM. Beesley
    June MedalS. HornellD. Wilson
    Summer StablefordM. McArthurB. Crombie
    July Wed MedalC. RobertsonA. Bryson
    July MedalM. McArthurC. Robertson
    Summer Cup - Rnd 1M. CooperN. Dickson
    Summer Cup - Rnd 2C. RobertsonF. Graham
    Summer Cup - OverallP. HunterB. Crombie
    August Wed MedalM. CooperB. Crombie
    August MedalC. RobertsonB. Cooney
    Andrew Hunter MemorialB. CooneyA. Pole
    Captain's TrophyD. WilsonC. T. Park
    September Wed Medal
    September MedalT. CrozierR. Adams
    Secretary's BowlP. HunterR. Adams
    Autumn StablefordS. PatersonG. Smith
    October Wed MedalJ. HairT. Crozier
    October MedalF. GrahamM. Beesley
    Champions CupC. RobertsonM. Cooper
    Consolation CupM. Beesley
    Autumn Texas ScrambleH. Crone, P. Rawlinson
    A. Pole, R. Davidson
    I. Rewhorn, C. Youd
    I. Stewart, C. T. Park
    November Wed MedalB. CrombieB. Cooney
    November MedalG. SmithI. Rewhorn
    Xmas Competition

    Other Prizes

    Winter league 2009/10 - MidweekA. BrysonG. Smith
    Winter League 2009/10 - WeekendR. HetheringtonM. McArthur
    Club ChampionshipC. RobertsonP. Hunter
    Scratch ChamionshipC. RobertsonP. Hunter
    Order of MeritC. RobertsonM. McArthur
    Knockout - SinglesW. Telford
    Knockout - PairsC. Robertson & H. Watson
    Eclectic TrophyG. Findlay
    Most Improved Golfer
  • Roll of Honour - Season 2011

    CompetitionWinnerRunner Up
    5 Club ChallengeF. GrahamC. Park
    Captain vs Vice CaptainVice-CaptainCaptain
    McClymont MedalS. PatersonF. Graham
    Spring StablefordH. WilsonS. Pole
    Millennium Trophy - OverallC. ParkT.Crozier
    April Wed MedalN. DicksonT. Crozier
    April MedalR. AdamsT. Crozier
    Abbotsford ChallengeF. GrahamR. Hetherington
    May Wed MedalS. HornellJ. Hair
    May MedalP. RawlinsonH. Watson
    June Wed MedalR. HetheringtonH. Watson
    June MedalS. PoleE. Armour
    Summer StablefordA. PoleR. Adams
    July Wed MedalM. CooperM. Clifford
    July MedalS. PoleS. Hornell
    Summer Cup - OverallC. RobertsonF. Graham
    August Wed MedalR. AdamsR. Hetherington
    August MedalR. HetheringtonH. Watson
    Andrew Hunter MemorialM. McArthurJ. Rourke
    Captain's TrophyM. McArthurC. Robertson
    September Wed MedalR. AdamsH. Watson
    September MedalC. RobertsonM. McArthur
    Secretary's BowlS. HornellI. Pirrie
    Autumn StablefordG. SmithE. Armour
    October Wed MedalB. CooneyM. Cooper
    October MedalCancelled
    Champions CupP. RawlinsonF. Graham
    Consolation CupH. WatsonM. Beesley
    November Wed MedalC. ParkB. Craig
    November MedalH. WatsonM. Cooper
    Xmas CompetitionR. Hetherington / C.ParkM. Cooper / T. Crozier

    Other Prizes

    Winter League 2009/10- MidweekJ. HairT. Crozier
    Winter League 2009/10 - WeekendT. CrozierN. Dickson
    Club ChampionshipS. PoleC. Robertson
    Scratch ChampionshipC. RobertsonP. Hunter
    Order of MeritM. CooperS. Hornell
    Knockout - SinglesJ. HunterI. Pirrie
    Knockout- PairsC. Thomson / W. TelfordC. Robertson / H. Watson
    Eclectic TrophyF. GrahamM. Cooper
    Most Improved GolferR. Hetherington
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