About our Club

Abbotsford Golf Club was the brainchild of Allan Hunter, the owner of the Abbotsford Hotel in Ayr since 1966.

In 1990 he suggested that, perhaps, a social Golf Club might be formed to arrange outings to other golf courses for the benefit of those customers who wished to become members.

Initially, the Club was very much a social club with a Membership of some two dozen individuals.

In the early days the Club undertook outings mainly to Portpatrick and later to the Isle of Arran. We now have at least two outings per year with the venues being extended to include Stranraer and Brunston.

Over the years the golf club has grown in size and become not just a social club but very much a Golf Club in the full sense of the term.

The Club is registered with the Scottish Golf Union and has a Membership of approx. 75. It has South Ayrshire Council approval to use  the medal tees at Ayr Belleisle Course and still has its ‘Clubhouse’ facility within the Abbotsford Hotel.

The Club is run by an extremely active and enthusiastic Committee  who have established, over recent years, a comprehensive calendar of competitions and social events to attain a high level of member participation, upholding the ethos originally established by Alan Hunter.

Eric Armour
Club Captain